5 Major Reasons Not To Buy Realme 12 Pro+ 5G 😡

Realme 12 Pro+ brings Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 chipset which gives normal performance. It only brings a 6,30,417 AnTuTu Score which is not that much good. Recently launched POCO X6 Pro which is a bit cheaper than this also brings a 14,00,000 AnTuTu Score.

Low Performance

The phone comes with a decent processor that can handle medium-level gaming played at 60fps.  But if you want to do a little bit of heavy gaming then this phone is not able to do it. It is not able to give 90fps in gaming which is available in some phones at same price

Limited Gaming

In camera, the 50MP main and 64MP Periscope camera works very well but the company has given a small 8MP ultrawide camera sensor. The problem is that there are color inconsistencies between main and ultrawide sensors. There is still scope of tunning in camera.

Color Inconsistency

The phone has Realme UI 5.0 which is based on Android 14. The OS is not that much clean. It is having to much bloatwares, unwanted apps, and ads/suggestions that is very annoying. Moreover, The company has promissed 2 Major + 3 Security updates which should be 3 Major + 4 Security.

Unclean OS

Average Build

Realme 12 Pro+ looks very beautiful but it is made from Plastic Frame and Vegan Leather plastic back. At this price, there should be a Metal frame or Glass back as other phones are giving that. Moreover, the phone has a lower IP65 rating than the IP68 available in Moto Edge 40 or Redmi Note 13 Pro+.

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