Infinix GT 20 Pro Gaming Review 🔥 Truely Game Changer

The GT 20 Pro brings Dimensity 8200 Ultimate chip which is very capable and brings 9,50,000 AnTuTu Score. There is also fastes LPDDR5X RAM and UFS 3.1 Storage is placed to boost the performance more.


In 3D Mark Wild Life Stress Test, the phone has gained 99.4% stability and in CPU Throttle test, we are getting a completely green graph throttling the CPU to its 81% of max performance. So that's good.



The BGMI or the PUBG can be played at 90fps with the highest settings of the game that is (Smooth, Extreme+).

BGMI Performance

In our 1hour testing, the phone is constantly giving 90fps. The battery was drained about 29%, and phone gets slightly warmed but the frame rate was not dropped.

COD Mobile

The COD Mobile as well, you can play the game at 90fps with the highest settings (Low, Ultra) in Infinix GT 20 Pro.

CODM Performance

 In our 1 hour testing the phone is constantly giving 90fps. The battery was drained about 25%, and we are constantly getting high performance with no frame drops. 

Genshin Impact

Infinix GT 20 Pro was also performing well in Genshin Impact, a 25GB game. The gameplay was so smooth even though it had high graphics. The phone gets a little warm and the battery drains about 29%.

GI Performance

During gameplay, we are getting constant 57-58 fps. And you can see the performance was very stable without dropping. There was no lag or jitter at all also after 1 hour of gaming.


BGMI Lovers, there is good news. Infinix has promised to give 120fps support in the BGMI game soon. It is already in PUBG outside India. we have tested it and the phone was really smooth with constant 120fps gameplay.


By looking at the performance of the GT 20 Pro we can definitely say that this phone is made for gaming. Those who love heavy pro-grade gaming can buy this phone without any doubt.

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