Most Detailed Mobile Buying Guide Of 2023 – Here’s All You Need To Know

Here is the Most Detailed Mobile Buying Guide Of 2023. Must read this Mobile Buying Guide before you buy a new smartphone in 2023.

Hello Guys, this article is going to be very important for you in 2023, and I am very proud to make this article because I know it will answer all your questions related to finding the best smartphone in 2023. We have done so many hours of research and analysis to provide you with valuable content. This is the most detailed mobile buying guide of 2023.

Mobile Buying Guide Of 2023

You have a question what is new in that? After all, a smartphone is a smartphone, whether in 2022 or 2023, then what can be unique in the smartphone buying guide for 2022 and 2023? No, guys, there is a difference; the circumstances of 2023 are different than those of 2021 or 2022.

In my opinion, the year 2022 was not that much great, but 2023 is going to be outstanding for smartphones. Not only for Flagship or midrange but also under the 10000 price range, very good mobile phones are coming. One thing you should understand is that when I am telling good phones, it means a phone that gives value to the money you are paying, and that is only the aim of this article.

You all are going to buy great phones in 2023, and that’s a promise. Keep in mind that whether you are a novice or techy and know everything, then also read this article because I am going to cover each and every final point, and that’s why I said this is a very important article, so read with focus and read till the end.

Prerequisites Of This Mobile Buying Guide

Firstly guys, let’s get the elephant out of the room. If you decide to buy an iPhone, this article might not be for you. Because if you have decided for iPhone, you know everything goes out of the picture, whether it’s features, display, camera, or performance, we can’t compare it. In this article, I will mainly talk about Android phones because iPhone is iPhone. So let’s jump into the Mobile Buying Guide Of 2023.

Mobile Buying Guide Of 2023

Basic Things Before You Choose Any Smartphone

Now guys, one essential thing you must do is make a checklist of your requirements. Take pen and paper and write 4 to 5 things that are important for you to have on a smartphone. What those 4 to 5 things should be then could be Performance, Display, Battery, Camera, Storage, Multimedia, Connectivity, etc. These are the important building blocks. Now rank those points according to your requirements, whether you want a gaming phone, a camera phone, a phone for multimedia consumption, or an all-rounder phone.

With all the above points, deciding on a Budget is the most important thing. It will make the process easy for you to find a phone. And I will say if you have decided on your budget, don’t exceed it. Especially in 2023, there is no need to do it because even under 10000 price, so many good phones are launched. Moreover, in the midrange category of Rs 20,000 to 30,000, the phones launched are more than enough. You don’t need to go for Flagship Smartphones.

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Form Factor

Form Factor

Now form factor is also becoming a key point for finding a perfect phone in 2023. Form Factor means whether you want a compact, foldable, flippable, or regular candy bar style phone.

If your requirements are for a big screen, then definitely look at foldable phones like Samsung Galaxy Z Fold phones. In 2023 it seems that foldable & flippable phones are going to be mainstream. Tecno has launched its Tecno Phantom V Fold at only Rs 77,777, and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is currently available for only Rs 43,999.

Now if you don’t want a big hefty phone that feels heavy in your hand and pocket, you can go for a compact phone like Samsung Galaxy S23 or Asus Zenfone. Compact phones give a very comfortable in-hand feeling because it has a 6.1″ or 6.2″ small-sized display. But if you want a big battery and are ok with a little bit of weight, then you can go for our regular candy bar-style smartphones.



About the displays in 2023, if you are buying a phone under Rs 15,000, then a minimum 90Hz Refresh Rate screen is a must, and if you buy a phone above Rs 15,000, a screen with 120Hz Refresh Rate is a must. A screen with 60Hz Refresh Rate is not acceptable in 2023. Apart from that, if we talk about the screen’s resolution, then under the 10K price range, HD+ resolution is ok, but other than that minimum resolution must be Full HD+ (1920×1080p).

Now the primary thing that will be the game changer is display type, whether AMOLED Display or IPS LCD Display. AMOLED Displays are of better quality than the IPS LCD Displays. AMOLED Displays produce more vibrant & punchy colours and better viewing angles than IPS LCD Displays. Still, if you are buying IPS LCD Displays, it should be high quality. In case of your priority is display, then your minimum requirement should be AMOLED Display with 120Hz Refresh Rate.

If I go into more detail, you can check whether it has certifications like TUV Rheinland; moreover, if you are like me who drop phones frequently, then you should check which screen protection it has used. It is Gorilla Glass 3, Gorilla Glass 5, Gorilla Glass Victus, etc.

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In OS, one thing that becomes very interesting in 2023. Not only Google but now Samsung and some other brands are started committing regular updates. When Brands launch new phones, they promise how many years of major security updates they will give with that particular phone. This is good as it says how future-proof and secure you will be with that phone. Samsung is offering four years of major updates with its flagship phones means if you have Android 13 on your phone, you will get updates until Android 17.

Now, if you are buying a mid-range or Flagship phone, there must be four years of major updates, and for a 15K – 20K smartphone, a minimum of 2 years of major updates must be there. Why are these updates required? Because if you buy any 15K or 20K Smartphone, you will definitely use it for at least two years, so this OS promises to ensure the latest features in your phone for two years. Here is the information about Which brand is giving how many updates?

BrandMajor OS UpdatesSecurity Updates (Years)

One more thing is that you should look at the brand’s history because some brands commit to updates, but it gives too late. If you have Android 13 on your phone and now Android 14 has come, some brands will provide you with that update at the time of Android 15, which is not considerable. So please look at the track record of the company as well.

Battery & Fast Charging

Battery & Charging

The Battery department has not changed that much in the past years. Typically the phones come with the 4500mAh or 5000mAh Battery. Very few smartphones come with as low as 4000mAh or as high as 6000mAh Battery capacity. Actually, in 2023 the 4500-5000mAh Battery is sufficient for good power backup because the processors are now becoming more power efficient. Even in the midrange category, 6nm architecture and in flagship categories, 4nm architecture-based Processors are being used, which consume less power. So 4500mAh to 5000mAh Battery is good enough.

The thing on which you have to focus is fast charging support. In 2023 that things changed. In my view, guys, if you are taking even a Rs 15000 phone, you should not take a 15W or 10W charger minimum 33W charger must be there, and for mobiles above 20K, a 67W charger is a must.

Build Quality & Design

Nowadays build quality of phones are improved. You can notice that phones now feel more smooth and comfortable in hand. If we talk about the material, it could be mostly Plastic or Glass with a little bit of metal on the side frames. Few phones, like flagship phones, come with ceramic or leather materials.

Now which material should you choose? You can choose any materials there will not be any issues. Just keep the following things In your mind:

  • Check that it is not a fingerprint magnet because If you are using a phone without a case, then whenever you hold the phone, your fingerprint will stick to the body and will make it messy.
  • Check the phone’s weight; it should come in between 180-185 grams. More weight than that will feel heavy in your hand and your pocket and make you uncomfortable.
  • If you are going outdoors too much and your phone is getting in contact with dust & water,
    check whether the phone has any IP ratings because IP Rating describes how the phone is Dust and Water Resistant.

Actually, most people are not checking for the build quality; they just focus on design. According to me in 2023, that is the right thing because build quality is already improved, so now you just focus on design. Many people are buying iPhones just for their looks. Anyone who sees the iPhone from afar will identify that it is an iPhone level up your impressions. So looks also matter, buy a phone according to your choice.



Now a big question that people have that which phone they should buy 4G or 5G? So in 2023, you should buy a 5G phone. Why? Because if you go for the 5G phone that will have the latest 5G Processor installed so you will get the 5G network support as well as the latest features that are running in the market. So you will be benefitted from both sides. As far as the connectivity of 5G is concerned, many telecom companies like Jio and Airtel have already rolled out their 5G network support to many cities in India, so you will not have any issues.



Now let’s talk about the performance. Guys, performance is very important for a phone because if it doesn’t have a good performance, it will not be future-proof. After 6 to 8 months of use, you will feel your phone being slower. So performance for me is very very important.

So how to find a good-performance smartphone? Then in earlier times, Qualcomm was only a good option for processors, but nowadays, MediaTek has also launched its powerful and value-for-money Processors. Even if you buy an under 10K price segment phone, the UniSoc chipsets also perform well. Friends, we have also made a chart for you to decide which processor you should choose for a particular price range. Here it is:

Price SegmentProcessor
Under Rs.10,000MediaTek Helio G85
UniSoc T612
Under Rs.15,000MediaTek Helio G88
MediaTek Dimensity 810
Qualcomm Snapdragon 695
Under Rs.20,000Qualcomm Snapdragon 695
MediaTek Dimensity 900/920
Under Rs.30,000Qualcomm Snapdragon 870
Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+
MediaTek Dimensity 8100
Under Rs.40,000Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
MediaTek Dimensity 8200
Under Rs.50,000Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
MediaTek Dimensity 9000

Performance not only includes the processor but also depends on the RAM and Storage type. Yes, guys, you have read it right. If the read and write speed of your RAM and Storage is not good, then also your phone can become slow. So you should choose a good RAM and Storage type.

For 15K to 20K price range smartphones, there must be an LPDDR4X RAM type and UFS 2.2 Storage type, and for phones above the 30K price range, there must be a minimum LPDDR5X RAM type and UFS 2.2 Storage type. If there is a storage type like the eMMC storage type will be there then the Read & Write speed will be low, and therefore your phone will also become slow. So take a look at that point as well.

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One major thing that I want to tell you guys is don’t go with the advertisement done by the brands. The Quad camera, Triple camera setup, 200MP Camera, and 108MP camera are all the companies’ marketing strategies. Companies are still giving 2MP depth and macro sensors, which is useless. Actually, this type of sensor is software based only and not that much related to the hardware sensor. So don’t buy a phone for that things.

One more thing I want to clarify is that Megapixels don’t matter the Pixel size in the camera sensor matters. If there is a good sensor of Sony or Samsung with lower megapixels, it will also click great pictures. So focus on the sensor type, not on the sensor megapixels. I would suggest that you go to YouTube and check out some camera review videos or go to your nearest offline store and check the quality of the camera, which will help you to make the right decision.


Multimedia majorly relies on two things one is display, and another is audio. In display, if there is an AMOLED Display that is Dolby Vision Tuned and with very slim bezels, then it will be good. This setup will take your video-watching experience to the next level. At the same time, if we talk about the audio, try to get the Dual Stereo Speakers into the phone, which is Dolby Atmos tuned. Even in 15,000 Rupees phone, you get these Stereo Speakers. So go for that speaker it will give you more rich sound.

Other than that, one more thing that could affect you that is 3.5mm, Jack. This is a socket slot in mobile where you fix your wired earphones. Many brands are now removing that 3.5mm Jack. So if you are using wireless earphones, it is ok, but if you like wired earphones like me, you must check for the availability of a 3.5mm Jack in that phone.

Especially For Gamers

Gamers check in the phone that whichever USB port is given is version 2.0 or 3.0. Because when you are doing gaming, then USB 3.0 is very important because if you want to capture something, then 3.0 is good; otherwise, you will need to connect a capture card. Another thing is that whenever you do a screen recording check, it is done in 2K or 4K resolution. Still, many phones, even many flagship phones, are doing screen recording in 1080p resolution, which is not preferable.


So that’s it for this Mobile Buying Guide Of 2023. I know it is a very lengthy article, but you will be clear after reading this article about how you should buy a good phone. I like writing this type of article because it helps you to get benefits.

I hope you liked this article and you find it helpful if you find it, then please comment below it really motivates me to make this type of article. Also, please share it with your friends and family members who want to buy a new smartphone in 2023. This will be very helpful to them. If you are still reading this article, then thank you so much from my heart. I will meet you in the next article, till then be healthy, be techy.

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